All of our products require a minimum four-week rental agreement.

All customers are responsible for shipping.  However, if you are local and live in the Los Angeles area arrangements can be made to either pick up or drop off rentals, we are based out of Alhambra, CA.  Just off the 710 Freeway near less than a half mile from CSU Los Angeles. 

While we have an extensive selection of weapon rental options for a variety of productions, please remember our inventory is not unlimited.  It is always best to contact us well in advance of your production, this will help ensure we can find the right weapon for your needs.

weapon rental care

The majority of our weapons are made up of steel, while steel is tough and durable, they are not indestructible.  A little bit of sword love (preventative maintenance) will go a long way.  After handling any steel sword, the steel furniture should be wiped down with an oily rag.  I’ve been using Marvel Mystery Oil over the years, it does a great job of coating the steel and even has a pleasant “minty” smell.  A thorough wipe down after every use will help keep the weapons looking shiny and chrome through out your entire production. 

Over time, the steel blades might develop a few burrs, especially if they are hit together with unnecessary force.  The blades should be checked daily for burrs, these unwanted slivers in the metal can snag costumes and even the skin of your actors.  To de-burr a blade, simply take a flat metal file and remove the burr. Be sure to use a singular stroke, down the edge of the blade, away from your body (do not use a “sawing” or back and forth motion), reset after each stoke and repeat this action until the burr is removed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us with any sword maintenance questions.

how to rent

Call or email us with your rental needs.  Once we confirm your rental requests are in stock, we will email you a rental agreement for you to sign along with an invoice for payment.    


Phone: 562-522-3645

Email: WCAWeapons@gmail.com

Once we receive both the rental agreement and payment, your order will be processed and shipped.

Fight Direction & Stage Combat InstructioN

In addition to weapons rentals, we can also provide fight direction for your production.  Hiring a qualified fight director is an essential design element for any show which requires violence.  With over a decade of experience as a fight director, Collin utilizes his expertise is used to create safe and dynamic choreography.  Call or contact us for rates.


In addition to fight direction services, we also provide private instruction in stage combat.  For Universities, High Schools and local community theater we provide lecture demonstrations.  The Art of the Sword: A Stage Combat Celebration is part lecture and part demonstration educating audiences on the fundamental principles used in stage combat to create the illusion of violence and make non-violent actions appear dangerous and real.  The lecture can be presented in an 80, 60 or 45-minute format.  Call or contact us for rates.